Wireless Motion Sensors Installed in Albuquerque, NM

If you're among the millions of cellular customers nationwide who have ditched hardwired landlines, then your old security system will require an upgrade to wireless motion sensors that rely on wireless internet signals from a wi-fi router.

Thompson Security is a family-owned business serving the security needs of residential and commercial customers for more than 20 years in Greater Albuquerque, NM. At Thompson, we offer superior quality wireless motion sensors. We are an authorized dealer of Alarm.com, Ring Central and Qolsys, and provide devices with only the most advanced technology. 

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Why Wireless Motion Sensors By Thompson? 

Benefits of Having Wireless Sensors Installed
  • Wireless motion sensors are not hardwired and do not depend on you having a phone landline.
  • In the event of a power outage, wireless motion sensors rely on their receivers' backup battery supply even though your wi-fi router is off.
  • Wireless motion sensor systems can be monitored or controlled remotely with mobile smart devices.

Thompson Has Latest Wireless Sensors

Wireless motion sensors operate through your existing wi-fi signal. These sensors use motion detection technology capable of picking up suspicious and sudden movements on your property within a certain range that varies by device.

Typically, wireless motion sensors operate by detecting the infrared radiation emitted from moving bodies. The most advanced wireless sensors installed by Thompson Security can differentiate between an ordinary, routine movement, or movement deemed questionable or suspicious. 

Often, these wireless motion sensors are incorporated into a wider security system. When suspicious movement is detected, an alarm and/or emergency lighting are triggered, and stored images on security surveillance cameras can be sent to your mobile smart device and the monitoring center. 

Have Thompson Security Install Your Wireless Sensors in Albuquerque

If you reside in McIntoshMoriartySandia HeightsWagon Mound or anywhere throughout our New Mexico service area, call Thompson Security to install new wireless motion sensors for your security system. For more than 20 years we have been your first and last stop for security needs and solutions for home and business. Our security consulation is free. Call 505-587-8191 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.