Burglary Detection in Estancia & Farmington, NM

Thompson Security offers a cutting-edge burglary detection systems for the customers of Estancia & Farmington, NM. These systems can be installed in both residential and commercial properties, and are designed to provide an additional layer of protection against burglaries, thefts, and other criminal activities. Our burglary detection sensors are linked with user-friendly smartphone applications.

Save your business from burglary or other criminal offense in Las Vegas, Santa Cruz, Coyote, Stanley, and across our New Mexico service area. For business security purposes, we offer 24/7 monitoring, access control, video surveillance, business automation systems, metal detector, and more.

A Complete Security Systems by Thompson Security

  • Door & Window Sensors

Door and window sensors are made of two parts; one is attached to the door or window and the other to the frame, which are placed side by side. If the alarm is activated, when the two sections are split apart, such as when a door or window is opened or breached, the sensor sends a signal to the main control panel that sets off an alert.

  • Smart Sensors

Your house is protected against burglary by smart sensors on an advanced level. When your system is activated, you'll get notifications through the control panel and the Alarm.com smart home app if any windows, doors, or other weak points in your house are compromised. We'll also get a notification from our 24 hour monitoring station, and our specialists can get in touch with you and the appropriate authorities (police, fire, and others) right away to help in an emergency.

  • Motion Sensors

Break-ins are more common at night and during the summer and winter vacation seasons. Every unusual movement that is detected by a motion sensor will set off an alarm, alerting our 24/7 monitoring center right away.

  • Infrared Detection

Infrared energy detection is frequently utilized by motion sensors. The sensor notices the shifts in infrared radiation as someone travels across a room and sounds an alert. Its ability to detect motion even in low lighting is one of its main features.

  • Glass Break Detectors

A glass break detector will be necessary to provide you with the necessary security alert if a burglar enters your house by breaking a window as opposed to forcing it open. The monitoring of sound or vibration by glass break detectors complements the use of door and window sensors. Whether you or your family are at home, these devices can still be armed at all times and don't need to be switched off.

  • Smart Garage Doors

One of the most exposed areas of your house is the garage door, which burglars can open in less than a minute. For convenient monitoring and burglar prevention, we provide a range of garage door security devices with home automation interface (motion detecting light, smart garage door opener, etc.)

Why Choose Thompson Security?

An all-in-one solution for your security system, television, and internet services can be provided by Thompson Security. Contact us today or call us at 505-587-8191 to get your expected service in Edgewood, Glorieta, Laguna, Estancia, Farmington, and other places in New Mexico