Flood Detection Devices for Homes in Albuquerque & Aztec, NM

Thompson Security provides outstanding home automation solutions for homeowners across Albuquerque & other nearby areas in New Mexico. We provide home equipment that makes life easier & comfier. It also allows for better monitoring of your home. Moreover, it helps secure your home’s front door, garage doors, lighting, & more directly from your mobile device.

Additionally, we provide flood detection devices to sense indoor floods and minimize water damage. It sets off a loud sound alarm, along with light alerts to warn you of a flood. Some options also send pop-up notifications to your phone. With flood detection equipment installed near potential areas like dishwashers, & washing machines, you can effectively save yourself the hassle of damage arising from floods. Give us a call at 505-587-8191 or click here for responsive flood detectors.

Home Automation Systems in Laguna

Home automation systems from Thompson Security give you added control over your home. You can also manage everything straight from your mobile device, or via a central hub installed inside. You can control the temperature, lights, and door locks, view who’s on your front porch, and more with our interactive home automation solutions. Flood detection is one of the many benefits you can enjoy with our home automation devices & systems.

Apart from flood detection, our home automation solutions include:

Devices for detecting floods

Detect Floods Easily With Our Home Automation Solutions

Afraid of appliance leaks and indoor floods in your absence? Let us install flood detectors and take your worries away!

Flood detectors sense water levels and alert you instantly. Even if you are not at home, you will receive mobile notifications, letting you know of the situation. Our home automation systems are available for homeowners residing in Laguna, Aztec, Albuquerque, Moriarty, & various nearby cities across New Mexico. Call us NOW at 505-587-8191 for a FREE consultation!

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