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Reliable Small Business Security in Albuquerque

Small businesses are often targeted for theft and vandalism due to ineffective security systems. Professional security services from a reputable provider like Thompson Security provide a safer environment for any type of small business. For superior small business security, call us and schedule an appointment today.

Business access control

Our Small Business Access Control in Rio Rancho

Thompson Security offers advanced access control systems for small business security, with reliable protection from remote locations. These systems allow for total access control, allowing for ease of use and preventing visitors or employees from unauthorized entry.

We serve customers in EdgewoodEstanciaFarmington, and more New Mexico cities. We also assist customers with touchless door systems.

Security camera for business

Small Business Security Cameras in Farmington

Having security cameras right for your small business is essential to ensure the safety of your small business. Thompson Security has high-definition cameras with night vision capabilities and 24/7 surveillance to deter potential intruders.

Our cameras have wide-angle lenses for comprehensive coverage, as well as remote access for real-time monitoring and alerts. Choose us for secure storage options to retain footage for later review. We create safer environments and peace of mind for your small business.

Fire and smoke detector

Fire and Smoke Detection Solutions in Santa Fe

Experience our most effective alert system with the latest fire and smoke detection technology. Our advanced sensors detect potential hazards, triggering immediate alerts to keep you, your employees, and small business safe. Thompson Security fire alert systems give unparalleled protection at the most critical times. Invest in peace of mind with the most reliable alert systems for fire and smoke detection. Contact Thompson for assistance today.

Rely on Us For Most Reliable Small Business Protection in Rio Rancho 

Thompson Security provides a range of security and commercial automation solutions for small businesses with affordable options. We also assist clients with security cameras and occupancy sensors. Whenever you need our assistance, contact us online book an appointment with a Thompson Security small business security specialist.