Security Systems at Churches in Albuquerque, NM

People come to places of worship or church for spiritual connection and peace. During a packed worship service, people are concentrated on the music and the message. But criminal activities take place in churches quite often. Regrettably, criminals view churches as easy targets due to their welcoming and open environment.

Also, churches are easy to get in and out of. The best way to protest criminality is to monitor your church premise and safeguard it with wide-ranging security solutions. At Thompson Security, we will do that for you and we will secure your church with our active and smart security system.

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What Are The Common Types of Security Systems for A Church?

The most crucial element of your security plan is your security team, but your church also needs other kinds of security systems. Here we will discuss the most common types of security systems in a church.

  • Video surveillance: There are 2 types of video surveillance systems for churches. They are digital video recording security systems (DVR) and network video recording security systems (NVR). Digital video recording security systems have been around for a long time and cost less than their alternatives. These systems use closed-caption television cameras and require power tools and coaxial cables to install. Network Video Record systems use internet protocol cameras to record videos and stream them over the internet.
  • Alarm systems: The alarm systems will detect motion, smoke, or heat inside your church facility. These systems will protect your church facility from outside intruders.
  • Access control systems: Access control systems offer additional security for IT, church offices, and storage rooms. These digital lockdown systems let churches control who enters every room.
  • Public and private WiFi: A less obvious security problem with your church is its WiFi. It will provide your church with a mix of benefits and security. So, you will need to get both private and public WiFi for your church.
Security system at churches

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