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Liftmaster Access Control Authorized Dealer in Albuquerque

With nearly two decades of experience, Thompson Security stands as the premier Liftmaster access control authorized dealer in Albuquerque. LiftMaster access control systems provide a convenient and reliable way to manage who enters and exits your property.

Whether you're a homeowner looking to secure your garage or a business owner protecting your commercial space, Thompson Security can help you find the perfect Liftmaster access control solution. We will plan, design, and strategically install an access control system. Our technicians are certified and know how to get the job done perfectly.

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Control Panels

Control panels are the heart of any access control system. This allows users to manage and monitor access to their property. At Thompson Security, we offer a range of Liftmaster control panels tailored to suit your specific needs. From basic models to advanced systems with remote monitoring capabilities, we have the expertise to install and maintain the ideal solution for your property. Here are the different types of control panels we provide:

  • MyQ® Remote LED Light
  • Wireless Control Panel
  • Wi-Fi® Motion-Detecting Control Panel
  • Smart Control Panel®
  • Wi-Fi Multi-Function Control Panel
  • Wireless Secondary Control Panel
  • Wifi Monito
  • MyQ® Control Panel
  • Multi-Function Control Panel
keypad access system

Keypad Access Systems

Keypad access systems provide a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for controlling access points. Authorized users simply enter a unique PIN code on a keypad to gain entry. These systems are ideal for applications where frequent access is required, such as:

  • Residential garages and exterior doors.
  • Office buildings and common areas.
  • Storage facilities and equipment rooms.

Our Liftmaster receiver systems deliver reliable performance and seamless integration with your existing access control infrastructure. Our technicians are trained to install various types of LiftMaster keypad access systems including wireless keypads, wired keypads, minikey systems, and more.

card reader

Card Readers

These readers are essential for systems that use access cards or keyfobs. These devices work by reading the unique identification embedded in the card or key fob and then transmitting data to the receiving system.

LiftMaster has a wide range of card readers available, such as Passport Stand-Alone Proximity Readers and Long-Range Readers. Our security experts can help you select the best card reader technology for your application based on user needs and security requirements.

receiver system

Receiver Systems

Receiver systems play a critical role in wireless access control systems. They receive signals transmitted from devices like key fobs or access cards and communicate with the control panel to grant or deny access.

LiftMaster offers a variety of receiver systems compatible with different ranges and frequencies:

  • Universal Receiver
  • Universal Weather Resistant Receiver
  • Credentialed Commercial Access Receiver
  • Commercial Receiver
access control

Access Controls

Access controls provide administrators with the ability to regulate entry to specific areas of a property. Access controls represent the physical devices that enforce access decisions made by the control panel.

These can include electronic locks for doors or gates, and automatic gate operators for vehicle access points. Our Liftmaster access control solutions offer flexible options for managing access permissions. We provide a wide range of access control options:

  • Smart Access 2-Door Controller
  • Smart Access Hub
  • Smart Video Intercom
  • Video Camera Kit
  • Wi-Fi Motion-Detecting Control Panel & More
control station

Control Stations

Control stations provide a centralized interface for managing access control systems. At Thompson Security, we offer a range of Liftmaster control stations designed to enhance security and convenience for your property. Our offerings include versatile and user-friendly control stations that cater to both residential and commercial applications.

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Community Management with LiftMaster Access Control System

In addition to individual property solutions, Thompson Security specializes in community management with LiftMaster access control systems. Whether you manage a gated community, apartment complex, or commercial property with multiple tenants, our team can design and implement access control solutions tailored to your unique requirements. From visitor management to resident access control, we have the expertise to streamline operations and enhance security for your community.

At Thompson Security, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. As your premier choice for Liftmaster Access Control Installation in Albuquerque, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet your security needs and exceed your expectations.

Thompson Security: Your Trusted Partner for Home Business Security

Thompson Security is the trusted partner in Albuquerque for business and home security. We have years of experience in home security, business security, and access control systems. We are a locally owned and operated family business that understands the security needs of local residents.

Liftmaster access control is included in our comprehensive service offering. This ensures that your property will remain secure and only authorized people can gain access. Our technicians will provide you with exceptional service, peace of mind, and the best possible access control system. For further information, don't hesitate to call us.