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Keeping your entryway secure is crucial, especially with the rise in package thefts and break-ins. That's why the SkyBell has a doorbell camera, which is a smart solution to enhance your home security by integrating with home automation. If you want to maintain a 24/7 watch over your front door, you should consider SkyBell devices. The SkyBell doorbell camera provides super clear images of the activity of the front door and gives full-color night vision.

How Does SkyBell Work?
The SkyBell Wi-Fi video doorbell integrates seamlessly with your home internet. Featuring a camera, motion sensor, and doorbell button on its front, it's equipped with LED night vision and enables two-way audio via a built-in microphone and speaker.

When someone approaches, a PIR motion sensor triggers the camera to record, capturing activity even if the doorbell isn't pressed. Upon pressing the doorbell button, alerts are sent to authorized devices through the SkyBell app. You can then view the HD camera feed, allowing you to communicate with visitors using the app's audio capabilities.

Beneficial Features of the SkyBell Doorbell Camera
Capturing Image: Wondering who's at your door? Capture the moment with a snap—it's like a photo that lasts forever. Enjoy the convenience of both image capture and video recording.
Activity History: Check out the activity log right within the SkyBell app. It's designed to be your go-to after a busy day, helping you stay informed without needing to respond to every alert.
Weatherproof: SkyBell doorbell cameras are designed for durability, performing reliably across a wide temperature range from -40°F to 140°F. While not the most rugged device tested, it gives dependable functionality in extreme weather conditions.
Quiet Mode: Ensure peace for the children, especially! SkyBell offers a quiet mode, silencing the chime while sending entryway notifications directly to your smartphone.
Smartphone Controls: With the smartphone, you have full control of your SkyBell doorbell video camera. Receive instant alerts, engage in two-way conversations with visitors, deter unwanted guests, and view live and recorded footage effortlessly—all at your fingertips. SkyBell ensures these essential features are seamlessly integrated for a user-friendly experience.

SkyBell Doorbell Camara for Everyday
SkyBell is a doorbell camera designed for everyday use, offering features like HD video with a wide-angle lens for clear views of visitors, motion detection alerts, and two-way audio communication. It allows homeowners to see, hear, and speak to visitors from their smartphones, whether at home or away. SkyBell integrates with smart home systems and has night vision capabilities for enhanced security around the clock.

Making Home Security Easy with a Front Door Camera
SkyBell security cameras provide a proactive defense against burglars who test your presence by ringing your doorbell. Whether you're away or simply occupied elsewhere, you receive instant alerts on your smartphone whenever someone presses your doorbell. Through the doorbell camera's live feed, you can visually confirm visitors and engage in two-way communication using its built-in audio feature. This capability creates the impression of occupancy, deterring potential intruders effectively.

Motion Sensor with SkyBell Doorbell
The SkyBell doorbell offers comprehensive home protection beyond just button presses. Equipped with a 180-degree motion detector covering a 15-foot range, it automatically triggers recording when someone approaches. When integrated into your smart home security system, you can set rules to activate the front door light upon motion detection. This not only enhances convenience when arriving home at night but also adds an extra layer of security against potential intruders.

Secure the Front Door of Your Home with Thompson Security!
At Thomson Security, we are a renowned security company that is affiliated with SkyBell doorbell cameras, including remote control, 24/7 monitoring, smart notifications, and advanced burglary detection. Our affiliation enhances our commitment to providing cutting-edge security solutions. SkyBell, integrated seamlessly, adds smart technology to bolster our offerings.

For nearly two decades, Thomson Security has been the trusted name for safeguarding homes and businesses across Bosque Farms, South Valley, Estancia, and throughout our service area in New Mexico. When you need more information about our comprehensive range of services and products from top brands, please contact us or call 505-587-8191 today.

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