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Smart Voice Control Systems in Alburquerque, NM

Smart voice control system

Thompson’s smart home voice control is here. You can now enjoy controlling your home, its electronic devices, and your home security systems with your Google Home with simple clear voice commands. It is easy to accomplish with an iPhone or Android smartphone and our cellphone app!

Our certified technicians have spent years solving home security issues for customers in AlbuquerqueCorralesLos LunasParadise HillsSandia Heights, and throughout our Greater Albuquerque service area. We can help you, too.

Voice control home automation

Voice Control Home Automation

With voice control home automation, you can control all of your smart home automation devices. Use your voice to control the following smart devices in your home:

Use Siri to Take Voice Control of Your Home in New Mexico

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If you're an and Apple user, your voice just got way more powerful. Siri Shortcuts for is a new voice control integration that lets you activate Scenes by talking to Siri, using customizable voice "shortcuts." These shortcuts integrate into your existing routines and reflect how you naturally talk, making it even easier and more intuitive to interact with your smart home and control your home security devices in Santa Fe, Cedar Hill, McIntosh, Moriarty, and other New Mexico cities.

You can activate your Siri Shortcuts for with any compatible device with iOS12 installed. These include your iPhone, iPad, HomePod, Apple Watch, and—in another first—your CarPlay-enabled vehicle dashboard, enabling you to voice-control your home from the road.

Smart Speakers & Home Assistant 

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With a Google Home or Amazon Alexa, these home assistant devices form the foundation of smart home control. This technology is compatible with a wide range of smart devices, so you can control temperatures, lights, and various other smart home systems through your voice control app.

With a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device, you can also enjoy other convenient benefits such as:

  • Access information from your calendars and other personal information.
  • Find information online, from restaurant bookings to directions, weather, and news.
  • Play music.
  • Play content on your Chromecast or other compatible devices.
  • Set timers and reminders.

Voice Control Features by Thompson Security in Estancia, NM

  • Select your Amazon Alexa or Google virtual Assistant-enabled device
  • Select your home automation devices
  • Connect your virtual assistant device to your smart home systems
  • Begin using your automation systems with clear voice commands

Rely on Thompson for Voice Control Home Automation in Alburquerque

If you want to enjoy the convenience of voice control automation for your home or business in Alburquerque, you can trust Thompson Security to install and connect all of your smart home systems. We make lives easier with our various smart devices and security installations for homes and businesses in Albuquerque, Bosque FarmsSouth ValleyNorth ValleyEstancia, and throughout our New Mexico service area.  When you need more information about our products and services, please call us or visit our page online.