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Retail Loss Prevention Security Systems in Albuquerque, NM

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Retail loss prevention is one of the main determining factors to retail success and profit. Despite huge investments in your store’s fit-out, marketing, and sales staff, stock theft is ultimately the major interruption to achieving top sales and revenue. Unfortunately, there is an increasing trend in shoplifting – both external and internal.

Any retailer with a shrinkage total of over 1% can implement a basic retail loss control system to add that loss straight back to the bottom line. Effective loss prevention systems allow retailers to use smart technology to significantly reduce shoplifting and the range of costs associated, such as after-hours stock takes.

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Different Types of Retail Loss

Let’s get to know about the kinds of fraud in retail shops. There are different kinds of thefts that you must be aware of. These are internal theft, external theft, administrative errors, and supplier fraud. Moreover, these types are typical for warehouses too. Therefore, the loss prevention methods applicable for the retail stores will hold good for warehouses too. Thus, if you store excess stock in the warehouse, be very cautious about fraud.

Internal theft refers to shoplifting involving shrinkage in the products without much notice from the owner. Generally, internal employees have links with these kinds of thefts. Some examples include fake return claims, fake gift cards, and many more. On the other hand, External theft comprises more than 36% of entire shoplifting. Stealing some items and returning them for more cash is one of the popular schemes in this regard. Another way is purchasing more merchandise by counterfeiting.

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