HughesNet Satellite Internet in Albuquerque, NM

Thompson Security is thrilled to partner with HughesNet Satellite to provide top-notch internet services for the people residing in AlbuquerqueCorralesMcIntosh, Moriarty, Alamo, and throughout our New Mexico service area. HughesNet is known for its consistent service thanks to fiber-optic wires that provide super-speed internet service, even in rural areas where high-speed connection options are less frequent.

With HughesNet as your internet service provider, you won’t need to worry about buffering, unlimited streaming, unlimited downloading, instant browsing, and other issues. They can customize a package to meet your needs and budget Belen, Bosque Farms, or Santa Fe. Please give us a call at 505-587-8191 or contact us online to learn more about Hughesnet and about its packages.

High Speeds Internet Service

The new HughesNet® Gen5 is the fifth generation of high-speed satellite Internet service. This gives you faster speed than ever with 25 Mbps on every plan. You can do everything you want online- even faster! Ensure your kids an edge with a super-fast connection that lets them learn online. You enjoy and experience more videos, music, and sharing photos. Download, surf, and email with the quickest speeds ever offered by America's #1 choice for satellite Internet.

Built-in Secure Wi-Fi

You can connect multiple wireless devices at home or in business. You’ll have a tension relief knowing that your system functions the latest in Wi-Fi standards and technology (dual-band 802.11ac). Delivers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for incredible speeds and excellent coverage. Set up separate guest Wi-Fi for visitors to keep your home network more secure. Monitor data usage and track Wi-Fi performance.

High Speeds Internet Service

Fast Internet For Your Business in Albuquerque or Estancia

In today's business climate, you need high-speed Internet service for your business to succeed. But what if your location is beyond the reach of cable or fiber? Don’t worry. Hughesnet has got you covered. HughesNet provides business satellite internet that delivers top speeds for your business needs even in locations where traditional high-speed options are unavailable. All HughesNet plans include unlimited data with no hard data limits.

Thompson is pleased to partner with HugesNet to serve both urban and rural customers in South ValleyNorth ValleyEstanciaParadise HillsSandia Heights, and throughout our Greater Albuquerque service area. When you need more information about our products and services, please call 505-587-8191 or visit our Contact Us page online.

Fast Internet For Your Business in Albuquerque

How HughesNet Satellite Works?

Step 1

A request for a Web page is sent from your computer to a satellite. At this altitude, the satellite's period of rotation (24 hours) matches the Earth's, and the satellite always remains in the same spot over the Earth (geosynchronous orbit). Because the Internet via satellite is so technologically advanced, this distance hardly makes a difference, even with rural Internet connections. 

Step 2

The satellite contacts the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC) which locates the specific Website you have requested.

Step 3

The Website beams the information back along the same path to the NOC, then to the satellite, and then to your computer through your HughesNet dish and modem. Although the signal travels a great distance, there is only a fraction of a second delay during this transmission. This is similar to a delay you may have experienced when using a cell phone. In most cases, latency isn't apparent while surfing online. Once the technology is set up in your home connecting to the Internet via satellite is simple.