Winter Home Security Tips for Homeowners in Albuquerque, NM

Winter season is actually great for thieves as the snow, ice & foggy weather provide a nice cover. They can use this to their advantage to sneak into your home & steal from you!

Hence, a smart home security system is a must during the extreme winter weather. We here at, Thompson Satellite & Security recommend you to:

  • Secure your windows: You can find door contacts or glass break detectors that alerts you if a window is opened without your knowledge. This could be an intruder trying to sneak in!
  • Monitor your outdoors: Consider investing in security cameras to monitor the activity outside your home. Latest technology cameras have motion sensors that alert you when a movement is picked up, informing you of any suspicious presence.
  • Be careful before opening doors to strangers: A smart doorbell allows you to view who is at your front porch and even speak to them through the built-in mic & speaker. This lets you verify someone’s identity before you let them in. 
  • Ensure your heater or fireplace is secure: The use of heaters increases in the winter season and the risk of fire accidents also increases with it. Installing fire alarms & suppression systems is necessary to minimize such tragedies.

Pieces of Advice to Consider for Home Security During Winter

Get a Battery Backup for Security Alarms

Harsh storms in the winter cause power outages for extended periods of time. Consider getting battery backups to ensure your home’s security systems stay operational even when there is no power.

battery backup for home security

Regularly Inspect Security Devices for Ice Build Up

Security devices that are located outside such as door locks, cameras, motion sensors & others should be inspected regularly. Check for ice build-up, and remove them safely to prevent moisture from getting inside through gaps.

installed door locks and cctv camera in Albuquerque

Install Smart Locks

Invest in smart locks to secure your outbuildings such as detached garages, sheds & similar structures. Smart locks allow you to arm & disarm locks remotely. They also provide real-time status of the lock so you can keep your shed secure without stepping out in the freezing snow.

installed smart locks

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