Windows & Door Contacts Installation Services in Albuquerque

Windows and door contacts are sensors that help you to monitor home intrusions. They can send a warning during an intrusion, or alert you and your system if a window, or door opens. Also, these sensors have become one of the most crucial parts of a home security system as a result of recent developments in smart technology.

Now, after knowing these facts, you might want to install windows and door contacts in your house to prevent burglary. That is where Thompson Security enters the picture. We offer top-notch window and door contacts installations services.

Our team has the experience, equipment, and expertise to provide the finest products and excellent customer service for the people of Albuquerque, Chili, Moriarty, Chimayo, Rio Rancho, and surrounding areas in New Mexico. Give us a call now at 505-587-8191 to get a free inspection.

What are The Advantages of Installing Window and Door Contacts in Your House?

Window and door contacts need to be taken into account if you're thinking of installing a complete home security system. Some advantages of installing window and door contacts are given below:

  • Keep out Burglars: When you install and turn on window and door contacts, your home security system will alert you each time someone activates the sensors. As a result, burglars will have no chance of doing burglary.
  • Extra deterrent: A loud alarm will ring if somebody tries to force their way in through the doors or windows while the security system of your home is engaged. This will warn you and your family members that a break-in attempt might be underway and act as a deterrent to thieves who don’t want to draw the attention of others.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that the alarm will sound if someone tries to break in allows you to sleep without anxiety. The best thing you can do to secure your house is to install window and door contacts.
Alarm sensor for door

What is Unique about Us?

At Thompson Security, we provide cutting-edge products from market leaders like 2GIG,, and others when coordinating and linking every one of your interactive home security systems and smart devices.

You can check out our other services including burglary detection system installation, interactive home security system installation, and smoke detector system installation. Call us at 505-587-8191 or click here to make an appointment with us.

Burglary detection system with smart device