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Business Security Solutions in Sandia Heights, NM

For the most reliable business security in Sandia Heights, NM, the security professionals at Thompson Security provide superior products and advanced equipment to secure your business for peace of mind. For surveillance, intruder alarms or alerts, employee access, monitoring systems, access control and more, we have the security system for your unique business needs. We're affiliated with top brands and manufacturers for the latest security cameras and surveillance systems, as well as the most reliable monitoring of your business.

Make your business more secure with Thompson Security for businesses in Sandia Heights. Contact us online or call us at 505-587-8191 to learn more and arrange a consultation.

Business Security Services by Thompson Satellite and Security

Business Security By Thompson Security in Sandia Heights, NM

Following are a few of our services for protecting your business:

  • Surveillance systems: Smart cameras are a necessary component of every business. Pre-set, control and monitor all surveillance inside or outside your business, record and store footage, and more.
  • 24/7 monitoring: Thompson Security is well-known among Sandia Heights consumers for its 24/7 monitoring. Our cameras are powered by industry leaders such as, ensuring quality and confidence in us by consumers and our clients.
  • Burglary detection: Advanced burglary detection is a Thompson Security business option. Our detection sensors are compatible with smartphone apps that are simple to use.
  • Smart business reporting: This provides vital visual and statistical data to help you manage your business more efficiently.

More Thomson Security Options in Sandia Heights, NM

Besides home security and automation, additional Thompson Security services include:

Count on Thompson Security for Home Security & Automation in Sandia Heights, NM

Thompson makes customer satisfaction our top priority. Our trained, licensed, and certified technicians have the expertise to deliver best results for Sandia Heights customers. Our association with industry giants such as Alarm.comQolsysand more, sets us apart from competitors. Meeting your expectations and needs, as well as ensuring your satisfaction, are our top priorities. Contact us online or call us at 505-587-8191 to learn more and arrange a consultation.