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IP Camera Installation in Albuquerque, NM

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IP cameras stand for internet protocol, whereby digital video footage is captured, recorded and stored via an IP network. No recording device, such as a DVR or other storage, is required, other than a local network that interfaces with cell phones, computers or other wireless devices. IP camera systems are considered state-of-the-art and more easily shareable.

The experts at Thompson Security will efficiently and quickly install your home IP security camera system in time for immediate monitoring. Our CCTV cameras are HD1080P, and with an app on your cell phone, you have full access to monitor your property from multiple IP security camera locations.

Homeowners in South Valley, North Valley, Bosque, Los Lunas, Estancia, and throughout the Albuquerque area can rely on us for superior security solutions with IP security cameras from Thompson Security. 

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Features of IP Cameras By Thompson in Santa Fe & Los Alamos

  • Superior image quality: Higher resolution video and pictures are a major IP security camera system advantage.
  • Cover wider area: More coverage than analog systems. One IP camera can often cover the same area requiring four lower-resolution cameras.
  • More powerful search functions: Playback and search functions are more efficient than advanced analog DVRs.
  • Superior expansion and wireless options: Can be wired into existing network infrastructure to take the camera's signal back to the NVR (encrypts/processes data at the camera before sending to recorder for storage & remote viewing). Some IP systems require less wiring than analog.
  • Future of CCTV: More companies and homeowners are upgrading existing CCTV systems to IP, believed to be an eventual standard.

Trust Thompson For Superior IP Camera Protection in Albuquerque & Santa Fe, NM

Thompson Security’s high-technology and convenient PoE security cameras will allow you full access control to monitor your home or business wirelessly from any location. Our interactive home security system will capture, record and survey your home's security, protecting against theft, vandalism, fire and more. For homeowners living in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, Escondida, Spencerville, VillanuevaAztec, Laguna, Santa Fe, StanleyMountainairPonderosaRock SpringsLumbertonFarmington, or anywhere in our New Mexico service area, call 505-587-8191 or contact us online for questions and to learn more about your home’s security needs.

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