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Bullet Camera in Albuquerque, NM

Bullet Security Camera Installed in Albuquerque, NM

Thompson Security is your go-to company for bullet cameras and associated services in Albuquerque, Rancho Rio & Sandia Heights, NM. We offer cameras by industry leaders like

Bullet cameras, installed by Thompson Security, will keep a watchful eye on your property with our easy-to-use video camera solutions. From any location, at any time, business owners and their staff can view live and recorded videos to know who should or should not be there.

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What is a Bullet Camera?

Bullet security cameras are a type of surveillance cameras shaped like a rifle bullet shell. Some are the diameter of a cigar, but shorter like a lipstick case -- hence the name lipstick camera. Bullet cameras are often mounted to a wall or a ceiling and aimed in a certain direction, like gun barrel. Infrared bullet cameras can produce crystal clear images in low-lit conditions and even in total darkness with built-in LED lights.

Benefits of a Bullet Camera

Benefits of a Bullet Camera
  • Variety: Bullet cameras are versatile in terms of functionality when compared to dome surveillance cameras.
  • Placement: Bullet cameras tend to be more flexible in terms of placement. They can be mounted on walls, the overhang of the roof (eave), or under the eave.
  • Maneuverability: Mini bullet security cameras can be used indoors or outdoors when it comes to mounting options.
  • Waterproof: Since most bullet security cameras are placed outdoors, we offer a variety of bullet cameras rated to withstand the rain.
  • Visibility and Deterrence: A noticeable and obvious bullet camera in a residential area can sometimes help keep your house off an intruder's list of potential targets. 
  • Reflection of Light: Bullet video cameras are less likely to suffer from the reflection of light because these devices usually point downward for optimal surveillance.

Why Choose Thompson Security?

Thompson Security is a family-owned business offering a one-stop shop for your security system, television, and internet needs. With nearly 20 years of experience in residential and commercial projects, our staff is dedicated to meeting all your security and communication needs. Call if you need service in Ponderosa, Rio Rancho, San Rafael, Tecolotito, Villanueva, or throughout New Mexico.