Bullet Camera in Bloomfield & Cedarvale, NM

Bullet Camera in Bloomfield & Cedarvale, NM

Thompson Satellite & Security is your go-to company for bullet cameras & concerning services in Bloomfield & Cedarvale, NM. Our cameras are patented by industry leaders like Alarm.com. With security cameras installed by us, you can keep a watchful eye on your property with our easy-to-use and flexible Video Camera solutions- at all times and from your convenient location. You can view live and recorded videos to know who’s in and around your property at any time.

What is a Bullet Camera?

Bullet security cameras are video monitoring cameras shaped like rifles or lipstick cases. And that's why they are also called lipstick cameras. The bullet surveillance cameras are often installed outside to a wall or a ceiling and point at a certain direction like the barrel of guns. IR bullet cameras mean infrared bullet cameras, which can present crystal clear images in low-lit conditions and even in total darkness with built-in LED lights.

Benefits of a Bullet Camera

Benefits of a Bullet Camera
  • Variety: Bullet cameras are versatile in terms of functionality when compared with dome surveillance cameras.
  • Placement: Bullet-type surveillance cameras tend to be more flexible in terms of placement, which could be mounted on walls, soffit, the overhang of the roof, or under the eave.
  • Manoeuvrability: Mini bullet security cameras are excelling their counterparts as well when it comes to mounting options, not to mention the maneuverability.
  • Waterproof: Since the majority of bullet security cameras are placed outdoor, it's wise to choose an outdoor bullet camera with an IP rating of 66 to be waterproof and withstand the impacts of liquid-like rainwater.
  • Visibility and Deterrence: A noticeable and overt bullet camera in residential areas sometimes helps keep your house off the target, which in return would be pretty significant in protecting your property.
  • Reflection of Light: bullet home video cameras are less likely to suffer from the reflection of light due to the fact that bullet surveillance cameras largely point downward when placed on a vantage point.
  • Less Impact on Privacy: Bullet surveillance cameras, on many occasions, become well-received and sought-after options for surveillance even without an ultra-wide field of view, for it helps keep tabs on sensitive issues like privacy.

Why Choose Thompson Satellite & Security?

Thompson Satellite and Security is a family-owned business offering a one-stop shop for your security system, satellite, television, and internet needs. We have accomplishments that include over 3,000 satisfied customers. With nearly 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial settings, our journey by far has been a wonderful one due to the dedicated services and security devices we provide. Contact us today or call us at 505-587-8191 to know more details in Glorieta, Albuquerque, Bloomfield, Chamizal, Jarales, and other places in our New Mexico Service Area.