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Home Security & Home Automation in Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

In this age of technological advancement, the importance of security and surveillance has never been more significant. Security is now crucial; for both homes and businesses. In Santo Domingo Pueblo, Thompson Security is the best choice for all our security needs.

We are committed to ensuring maximum security for your home and business, specializing in both home security and home automation. Whether your property is located in Santo Domingo Pueblo or anywhere else in New Mexico, contact us at 505-587-8191  or contact us directly for professional surveillance services.

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Security Systems

Secure your home & business properties with and Qolsys devices installed by our expert technicians.

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Home Automation

Transform your living space into a heaven of futuristic comfort with our cutting-edge home automation system.

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Access Control

Enhance security with our advanced access control systems, ensuring your property remains safe and secure.

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Fire & Smoke Detection

Increase your safety with our smart smoke detectors. These devices promptly detect smoke & send instant alerts to your phone.

Home Security Services of Thompson Security

We offer an extensive range of home security services, such as

Security camera and interactive home security installed

Why It's Necessary to Install Security Cameras for Your Business?

  • Keeps a record of visitors.
  • Assists in criminal investigations.
  • Provides peace of mind.
  • Improves customer safety.
  • Decreases shoplifting and burglary.
  • Increases business productivity.
  • Reduces financial losses.
Security camera and video surveillance equipment's

Choose Thomson Security for Your Security Needs in Santo Domingo Pueblo

Thomson Security is your go-to solution for all modern home and business security requirements. With our state-of-the-art home security and automation systems, we facilitate seamless monitoring of your residence and business. Committed to ensuring absolute security for homes and businesses, Thomson Security is dedicated to alleviating your security concerns. Whether you're a homeowner or business owner in Santo Domingo Pueblo, call us at 505-587-8191 or contact us.

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Customer Reviews from Santo Domingo Pueblo ( 5 out of 2 reviews )

  • Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM | May 02, 2020

Very professional

  • Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM | April 06, 2020

That was a fast installation and he knew where to install it. Thanks!