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Reliable Business Security in Socorro

Each business needs a trusted security solution to safeguard its property, data, and employees. For 20 years, Thompson Security has been the the name to trust in New Mexico for commercial security needs. From hospitals to cafes or any industry, we have all types of products and services to meet your expectations. For more information about our commercial security installation in Socorro, please call us to make an appointment right now.

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More of Our Latest Security System Options in Socorro

  • 24/7 Monitoring: Our state-of-the-art 24/7 monitoring provides continuous surveillance with real-time alerts and rapid response capabilities. We offer a proactive approach to security, helping to deter threats before they escalate.
  • Security Cameras: Our cameras deliver clear footage, ensuring you can precisely monitor every corner of your premises. Whether you need indoor or outdoor coverage, we have customizable solutions to meet your requirements.
  • Metal Detector Installation: Our metal detectors are ideal for entry points and high-security areas and help to identify concealed metal objects. This will protect your business against unauthorized items and potential security risks.

Our Reliable, Smart Notification Features in Socorro

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With smart notification features by Thompson Security, get the following:

  • Real-time Communication: Enables instant communication with employees, customers, and stakeholders.
  • Smart Automation: Automates routine notifications, live video, and recordings, freeing up time for more strategic tasks.
  • Increased Efficiency: Streamlines communication processes, reduces response times, and enhances security.
  • Employee Productivity: Keeps employees informed about important updates, events, and tasks, boosting productivity.
  • Emergency Alerts: Facilitates quick dissemination of critical information in any emergencies.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces the need for manual communication methods, saving on operational costs.

Trust Our Professional Security To Protect Your Business in Socorro

Thompson Security safeguards businesses or commercial properties in Socorro against being targets of criminal activity with our smart security technology. Our security systems are cost effective and convenient to use. For additional security options in Socorro like fire and smoke detection devices, access control, or smart business reporting, count on us. Call us to book an appointment.

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My guy was Great! He scoped out the property and made suggestions as to where the dish