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  • Comment: Hi, here’s a simple review.....My family and I have been in rental property game here in Albuquerque since the late 70’s. We’ve seen it all with properties in every corner of the 505........Justin and his team from Thompson Satellite & Security to his Altas Towing Co. have given me and my 80+ tenants a huge peace of mind knowing that they are there when we need them......I been using this company for years now and have never left a review based on waiting to see if the customer service starts to slip up or if prices start to jump up....but I’m glad to see it hasn’t......Knowing I can keep any eye on my apartment complex’s and multiple dwellings is a huge factor for my tenants well being......Not to mention having his towing company at hand really helps to keep unwanted cars off the property. The best thing about the company is Justin is fair all across the board. This has kept me working with this company over the past few years and in turn has kept my properties at 100% occupied because my tenants feel safe and secure, and in my world that the goal cause everybody wins.......For any landlords or property management companies looking for an all around security company with a fair price, this is the company for you.
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