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Glass Break Detectors for Businesses in Albuquerque, NM

A glass break detector is a valuable security system for businesses. It uses a sensor to detect the sound frequency of shattered glass. If a burglar attempts to enter your office by breaking a window or glass door, the detector quickly activates the alarm system, giving you peace of mind while you sleep, knowing your office is protected.

Thompson Security is a trusted, family-owned company offering top-quality glass break detector installation services for homes and businesses. If you're looking to enhance the security of your commercial premises in Albuquerque, Paradise HillsLos Lunas, Sandia Heights, Corrales, or nearby areas, contact us or click here to learn more about our burglary detection service.

Benefits of a Glass Break Detector in A Commercial Place

Typically, two commonly utilized types of glass break sensors or detectors in commercial settings include acoustic sensors and shock sensors. Each of these sensors possesses distinct features and qualities. Nevertheless, regardless of the specific type, installing a glass break detector in a commercial place offers numerous benefits:

glass break sensor
  • Enhanced Security: It promptly detects the sound frequency of breaking glass, providing an added layer of security. It can detect break-in attempts through windows, doors, or glass partitions, alerting security personnel or activating the alarm system.
  • Early Intruder Detection: Early glass break detection enables a swift response, preventing unauthorized access, and reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, or other criminal activities.
  • Wide Coverage: It offers wide detection ranges, monitoring multiple windows or glass surfaces at once, eliminating the need for multiple sensors and ensuring complete security.
  • Remote Monitoring Capabilities: It integrates with remote monitoring systems, notifying business owners or security personnel instantly on their mobile devices for swift action in response to glass break events.

Choose Thompson Security for Glass Break Detector Installation

At Thompson Security, we have nearly 20 years of experience, and we always strive to provide specialized security services. We take pride in offering products to our customers, ensuring outstanding service and peace of mind. Whenever you need a glass break detector installation service for your office, just call us .

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