Wi-Fi Network Installation Services in Albuquerque, NM

Installing a proper Wi-Fi system is very important. Many times right after we get ourselves an internet line especially from great companies such as CenturyLink and Hughesnet, it's always important to install the best Wi-Fi router for your home and business. The reason is simple, you want to get the best out of your internet in every way possible and ensuring no chance of slow speed, buffering, downloading, and uploading speed remaining inconsistent, lags and so many more. 

Installing the right routers and Wi-Fi cables are vastly important and believe us when we say this the best way to achieve this is getting the help of professionals such as ourselves. 

If you are living in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Los Lunas, Belen, Moriarty, and the surrounding areas of New Mexico then please do give us a call at 505-587-8191 and we shall immediately dispatch a group of experts to your home/business property. 

We Install All Sorts of Wi-Fi

  • Thompson has installed BYOD devices (Bring Your Own Devices) in Albuquerque for many years now. Typically an IT department preconfigures the AP’s and they just need a reliable resource to install them in their workspace by pulling the data cabling, installing the AP, and patching it into the appropriate network switch.
  • Full-Service wireless installation. We can help plan, design, implement, and test your wireless network from start to finish. We have installed wifi networks in many different types of environments such as warehouses, office spaces, churches, and retail locations.

Wi-Fi Installation for Your Business

Installing the best Wi-Fi routers along with adequate internet packages is immensely important especially if you are running a business or entrepreneurship. In modern days the use of the internet is necessary as the world is moving towards more and more advanced technology. You will need the help of professionals such as ourselves to install the best wifi router for your state-of-art-facility or office.

Also, placing the router at the right location is very much important. At times we get to see office owners buying two to three routers just unnecessarily and still complains about the lack of wifi-range. Our experts know exactly which location will suit your office the most and every employee will get an equal amount of speed. 

If you want the best internet services then we are affiliated with CenturyLink and Hughesnet the top leaders of the internet business in the US. Please do give us a call at 505-587-8191 and we will send our experts to your office for installation.