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Stop Package Thieves Services in Albuquerque

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Whenever a package is left at your door while you are away from home, there is an inevitable degree of tension. The longer the package sits on the doorstep, the more obvious it becomes that no one is home. That also increases the potential for package thieves to take the item unless you partner with Thompson Security to ways to stop package thieves in the Greater Albuquerque area

As time passes, Home Security and Home Automation Services have become more efficient, more innovative, and more cost-effective. You can now remotely control all your cameras, doorbells, locks, and other security devices with an app on your cell phone to put an end to porch pirates. For years, customers in Rio RanchoSanta FeLos LunasAlamoMoriarty, and other New Mexico cities have relied on Thompson to provide the best home security services available throughout Albuquerque and its surrounding communities. When you need to stop a package thief in our area, contact us online or give us a call at 505-587-8191.

Smart Doorbell

Stop Package Thieves with a Smart Doorbell by Thompson

In the Albuquerque area, here are three quick steps to prevent porch pirates with a smart doorbell installed by Thompson Security in your home automation system:

  • Step 1: You can verity the visitor with smart solution. Now you will know when a package arrives at your place. Your doorbell with the camera will send you an alert on your smartphone. Open the app and view who will be at your place.
  • Step 2: After confirming the delivery you can ensure to receive the product safely. You can remotely unlock the door and ask them to leave the delivery at your place. Now, unlock your door from the same screen in your app. This action can disarm your security system too.
  • Step #3: Secure Your Door Once the delivery driver closes your door with your package safely inside, use the app to lock up again. 

Rely on Us to Stop Package Thieves in Albuquerque, Estancia, & Moriarty

When it comes to home security, the name to know in the Greater Albuquerque area is Thompson Security. With our high-tech devices, we can stop package thieves in their tracks or help provide a homeowner a restful night's sleep with state-of-the-art burglar alarms and glass break sensors. If it involves security, it involves Thompson. For more information about our products & services in AlamoMoriartyAlbuquerqueEstanciaRio Rancho, and other communities we serve in New Mexico, please contact us online or give us a call at 505-587-8191