Indoor Cameras Installation in Albuquerque, NM

Indoor Cameras Installation

Home cameras provide increased security that no other system can provide. Thompson Security offers the most convenient indoor camera options that will fit your needs and budget accordingly. With the ability to capture and record in high definition, we can help you strengthen your home security to the next level.

Our indoor cameras can include features such as detecting movement that comes with adjustable sensitivity. Additionally, you can have full access and control of the indoor cameras with an app. You will be able to record, save videos, and survey your home from anywhere you wish. Whether you are keeping an eye on your home from your office or from the next room, our security cameras will give you added flexibility to keep a watch through wireless connectivity.

Exclusive Features of Indoor Security Cameras in New Mexico

We offer a wide variety of security cameras with different features that will fit your need: 

Exclusive Features of Indoor Security Cameras
  • HD 1080p Video - high definition video and picture quality ensure you can watch everything in a detailed manner
  • IR Night Vision - our night vision technology is commonly used by the military and law enforcement agencies for its reliability
  • 113-Degree Viewing Angle - a wider vision means you can capture and see more of your home
  • Maximum Resolution of 1920×1080 - you get the ability to change your video footage resolutions to up to 1920×1080
  • 2.8mm F1.85 Lens  - optimal aperture size ensures you see your footage clearly even when it’s dark
  • Wireless Connectivity - allows you to monitor, survey, and record wirelessly from any corner of your home or outside
  • 10 Simultaneous Viewers - other family members can also be given access to view video footage from our security cameras
  • Video Motion Detection - capabilities of detecting movement from 3 windows with adjustable sensitivity

Toughen Your Home Security with Thompson Satellite & Security

Thompson Satellite & Security’s high-tech indoor cameras will put you in full control of safely monitoring your home wirelessly from any location you desire. Our interactive home security system will give you access to record, capture, and survey your home, and protect it against theft, vandalism, fire, and more. For homeowners living in Aztec, Laguna, Santa Fe, Stanley, and other surrounding areas in New Mexico, you may call TODAY at 505-587-8191 or contact us online to discuss your home’s security needs.