IP Camera in Bloomfield & Cedarvale, NM

Thompson Satellite & Security is your go-to company for installing IP cameras & concerning services in Bloomfield & Cedarvale, NM. We only source cameras patented by industry leaders like Alarm.com. Once you have security cameras installed by our experts, you can keep a watchful eye on your property with our easy-to-use and flexible Video Camera solutions- at all times and from your convenient location. You can now view both live and recorded videos to know who’s in and around your business property at any time.

Benefits of IP Cameras

  • IP cameras offer far superior image quality: The biggest advantage with an IP Camera system is much, much higher resolution pictures.
  • IP cameras cover a much wider area: A high-resolution IP camera can cover a much wider area than an analog camera – for example, a single IP camera can often easily cover the same area you would need up to four low-resolution cameras for.
  • IP systems offer much more powerful search functions: Another advantage with an IP system is the playback and search functionality can be much better than even the most advanced analog DVR.
  • IP systems offer superior expansion and wireless opportunities: An IP camera can be simply wired into the nearest network switch where it uses the existing network infrastructure to take the camera's signal back to the NVR. This means some IP system installs require less wiring than an analog system would.
  • IP systems are likely to be the future of CCTV: More and more companies (and homeowners) are upgrading existing CCTV systems for IP. Eventually, IP CCTV will be the standard for CCTV installation.

Why Choose Thompson Satellite & Security?

With nearly 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial settings, Thompson Satellite and Security has accomplishments that include over 3,000 satisfied customers. Our journey by far has been a wonderful one due to the dedicated services and security devices we provide. We are a family-owned business offering a one-stop shop for your security system, satellite, television, and internet needs. Contact us today or call us at 505-587-8191 to know more details in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, Escondida, Spencerville, Villanueva, and other places in our New Mexico Service Area.