Wireless Sensor Installation Throughout Greater Albuquerque, NM

 Are you tired of the unsightly view your wired motion sensor is creating? Are you thinking of installing wireless sensors? If yes, then Thompson Satellite & Security is the company to call. We are a family-owned company providing high-quality wireless sensors to both our residential and commercial customers in McIntoshMoriartySandia HeightsWagon Mound, and throughout our New Mexico service area

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Benefits of Having Wireless Sensors Installed 

Benefits of Having Wireless Sensors Installed
  • You can eliminate the bulky or unsightly wires
  • Wireless Motion sensors can work 24/7 even while a power outage as they have backup batteries. 
  • The sensors are susceptible to interference and interruption. 

How Does A Wireless Motion Sensor Work?

Wireless motion sensors operate through your existing internet signal. These sensors use motion detection technology which is capable of picking up on any suspicious and sudden movements within the premises. Typically these devices operate by detecting the infrared radiation emitted from the moving bodies. The latest wireless sensors are capable of differentiating between a regular day-to-day movement and a questionable one. 

Often these sensors are incorporated into a wider security system. Hence, whenever a doubtful movement is detected an alarm is triggered along with emergency lighting or security surveillance cameras. 

Let Thompson Satellite & Security be Your Wireless Motion Sensor Installer 

If you live throughout our New Mexico service area and thinking of having a wireless motion sensor installed, Thompson Satellite & Security is the company to call. For more than twenty years we have been the one-stop-shop for security system needs for both home and business owners. We offer free evaluation and consultation. Simply give us a call at 505-587-8191 to know more about our services or to schedule an appointment.